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If you are involved on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, you may have come across a Photo or two that looks like it had a very elegant vintage filter applied to it. In fact, you may have come across more than just one or two considering the fact that Insta is one of the most popular mobile photo apps to download it with your friends.

If you own a PC, computer, Laptop, Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Webstagram could be a great tool to search hashtags and users or uncover your inner photography, images and pics skills.

Instagram online as a Social Network

on our Webstagram search web viewer for pc, computers and any other browsing device or system, you can follow other users photo streams as they Post them and you can be followed back by those users (or other users) as well. Using the "Profile" icon located on the lower menu of the Instragram screen, you can search for friends by name or find friends that are already connected to you on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter for free.

When you decide to follow a user, that users Instagram Photos will appear in your feed, which can be found under the "Feed" icon on the lower menu. You can Press "Like" on any Photo to let someone know that you admire their photography, or you can leave a comment on webstagram.

When you take Photos using the instagram app, they will always appear in the feeds of the users who are following you. You can browse through the "exPlore" tab to find new users to follow and creative photos to look at.

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